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Fibreglass gelcoat repair

Fibreglass boat repair in Mallorca

Repair and reconstruction of fibreglass laminates with Epoxy West System resin.

Work carried out on live and dead construction sites. After a fibreglass repair, we carry out paint and gel coat finishes. All boat repair and maintenance processes are professionally certified and guaranteed.

All nautical applications and repairs are carried out under the supervision of a certified technician specialised in engineering, products and nautical repairs.

Osmosis treatment in Mallorca

This is a degenerative process that appears in fibreglass. Its action consists of water seeping into the hull of the boat through the gelcoat, causing a chemical reaction between the water and the substances inside the hull, generating acid bubbles.

In non-technical language, osmosis occurs when the base of the hull of the boat is not protected, the salt water penetrates the fibreglass and produces a chemical reaction "rotting" the hull and therefore allowing a water leak. If these bubbles worsen, this can lead to structural damage to the hull and even to its sinking.

To prevent osmosis on boats, it is recommended that professional antifouling is carried out and that all antifouling is removed every 3 to 4 years to check the condition of the hull. Nowadays with the technology we have, there are electronic systems with which we can measure the amount of humidity in the hull of the boat.

To repair osmosis in an advanced state, we recommend sandblasting the entire hull of the boat and carrying out a process with expoxy resin, in our case Epoxy from West System. Subsequently the different layers of primer are applied, in our case we use International 820 and Interprotect for the subsequent application of the compatible antifouling chosen by the client.

  • fibreglass gelcoat repair | rent a boat mallorcaVessel protection.
  • fibreglass gelcoat repair | rent a boat mallorcaLong-term maintenance.
  • fibreglass gelcoat repair | rent a boat mallorcaSafety measure.
  • fibreglass gelcoat repair | rent a boat mallorcaReduction of fuel consumption.
  • fibreglass gelcoat repair | rent a boat mallorcaProfessional warranty.

Gelcoat boat repair in Mallorca

Epoxy resins are the most commonly used in high quality composite materials. They have a good adhesion capacity on a wide range of reinforcing materials, laminates with a high fibre content.

The final resin characteristics will depend on the type of epoxy and the crosslinking agent.

When performing a gelcoat or gelcoat repair, it is the first layer of resin that protects the laminate from chemical and environmental attack.

When we finish a laminate, the last layer of resin will not be fully cured because its interface surface is in contact with the moisture present in the air. This moisture acts as an inhibitor. To avoid this, a topcoat must be applied on this last layer to protect it from the influence of humidity and to ensure complete curing. Topcoat is similar to gelcoat but contains a small amount of paraffin in its composition.

When manufacturing a piece from scratch in fibreglass, the process will be carried out from a mould on which the laminate will be applied.

Fibreglass repair on boats and yachts

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